[LH4072] BUG: in Status->Edit, moving an entry to the end drops the font size and changes style.

As mentioned in the topic, in the Status editor dialog, moving an entry to the end of the list drops the font size and changes style. Here’s a screenshot:
It doesn’t stay that way; if I click OK, it’s accepted, and then if I enter the edit dialog again, it’s the same font as everything else.
It’s just annoying.

I’m not able to reproduce this in beta 25, creating a new project and opening Project Settings, then dragging status items to the bottom of the list. Are there other steps necessary to trigger the font change? What interface font and size do you have set in Options?

using beta 25
I just right clicked on an item, selected status then Edit.

Moved an item anywhere. Not just bottom anywhere else on the list. made it small. Then moved another. Also made it small. Closed the status edit. Then right click choose edit, look again. Everything is fine.

So for me, any item moved from the edit status menu to another position makes the newly moved item small.

But reopening the menu all is fine again.
status small.jpg

Last first. VAGRounded, 12 points, for Menus/Windows. Mind you, I’m sure Scrivener has its own preference for that.

How do I trigger this? Use the binder; right-click → status → edit. Drag/drop. Tried using project settings as the source menu item, and it has the same behavior.

In a brand new project (Beta 25), I get the same “smallifying” behavior, but the font doesn’t change.

Like SteveShank mentions, I also see it happening when I drag/drop to anywhere, not just the end, but it’s not consistent for me when dragging/dropping to anywhere else. Sometimes it works without shrinking the text, sometimes it doesn’t.

In the screenshot, the font appears to be SegoeUI 9, which was the default font for a long time.

As usual, this was installed by completely uninstalling Beta 24 and installing Beta 25.

Thanks, using a custom font I was able to reproduce the problem of the dragged item reverting temporarily to the default Segoe 9pt font for Status or Label. That much is filed. Are you seeing this size reduction when the Menus & Windows Font is already set to Segoe 9pt?

I don’t have it set to that, ever. When it shows everything in 9 pt type, then reverting to 9 pts wouldn’t be a size reduction, would it?

And just confirmed this. Setting the default Menus/Windows font to Segoe UI 9 points shows no change in size when I move the Status text line, because all the lines are 9 points (hard to read). So Scrivener isn’t really “shrinking” the moved text; it’s changing the font to Segoe UI 9 points.

Great, thanks for confirming. Segoe 9pt is the factory default for these, and the drag and drop action is causing them to temporarily revert to that.