[LH4079] B26: Can't start New Project with custom Templates I made.

I used same Template file before this.

I tried to uninstall perfectly with application(Uninstall Tool) and re-install after rebooting.
and made Some Template from New Project with Blank Template.

But it’s not working.

New Project -> Selecting Template I made

It shows dialog to prompt file name and location, nothing happened after Clicking ‘OK’.
but I found files are on the location. but It’s not working too.

File -> Open -> Selecting New Project file I made just before.

It shows me “Update Project? The project you are trying to load…”.
Nothing open too.

Can not confirm this at my computer.
Your template, which format does it have? Scrivener 1.9 or 3 Beta.x ?

I made it on Beta 23. also I made new template on Beta 26 [https://www.dropbox.com/s/zo80v955wwmn59x/made%20on%2026.scrivtemplate?dl=0 ], but it’s not working.

Well, it seems that something happened to your template.
I’m too unable to create a new project from your template. Neither Scriverner 1 nor Scrivenr 3 Beta 26 can read it. :frowning:

Thank you for your confirmation.

Your template uses a very funny mixture of characters for the project file path inside the template: “cscri19-00016 191020 학생부 주일예배 설교 기초 스3;9~13.scriv”.
Unfortunately these characters cause a problem extracting the template contents.
I can send you the fixed project, if you need it and provide an email.

Yeah that’s file name I made Template from.
and then If I make file in English, Is it not happended?
but It works great before 26.
Anyway thank you for your fixed file in advance.

This part of Scrivener has not changed. Most likely you have not used previously some of the characters causing problems in the latest template. Template project sent.

I made new Project file from only latin letter filename. it works good.
but need improvement with Asian letter. :slight_smile: