[LH4086] [B26] Not applied custom item for No Label and for No s tatus

I made new project and customize label items and status items.
Another items is applied by I set, but No label and No status are not.

To use your original fonts, you must not specify “override fonts” (I think they’re overridden by default).

In compile:
select the compile profile and target you’re using.
Double-click on the profile. If this is not already a copy, it will ask you if you want to make a copy of it. Select “Duplicate & Edit” (this will create a new compile profile, such as “Default Copy 1”).
First page presented, at the bottom, UNCHECK “Override text and notes formatting.” Save.

Then compile again.

You’re talking about this below:

By the way, I already unchecked ‘Override texts and notes’ options under its style.
And that Compile profile I used is New item.

I think the devs assumed that No Label means no label, and if you have no label, it doesn’t need coloring. It may not be a bug. It is annoying (I might want “No label” set to something to remind me to label it).

Yeah as you mentioned, don’t need ‘No Label’ and ‘No status’. But that part shown in 1.9.x Below:

But don’t need it now. better improve another.

If you don’t have a label, surely by definition there can be nothing to colour. if you want a coloured label to remind you to give a file a specific label, then you need to create a new label (say “Un-labelled”) and colour that. It seems to me this is a similar problem that new users have with the concept behind “No style”.


Wow far away from my point, and it’s my fault.
By the way My point is not just about ‘No Label’ or ‘No Status’ themselves.

The point is that items are not shown as 1.9.x did.
In 1.9.x, custom items (include No Label, No Status) are shown as I set.

Of course I don’t use them forever, but for a while.
Most of cases, I usually leave status ‘No Status’ before review whole article.

I just want to use Scrivener 3 as 1.9.x.

BUT that is not priority to improve, which means not need to do now.
Thanks for your answers.

It’s got a bug number, so they’ll get to it eventually.

And just so you know what’s under the surface – in the project file (the .scrivx file), items in the binder that don’t have labels aren’t tagged “No Label.” They literally don’t have a label tag. Same with Status. An item with “No Status” doesn’t have a Status tag.