[LH4115][Beta27][Bug] Scrivener changes font on opening.

My font of choice for writing is Calibri Light, and I have it set as my default font for all new documents. Since the Beta27 update, however, Scrivener has taken to switching all instances of Calibri Light to Calibri (standard) when closing and reopening the program. I have tested this with a couple of other fonts that have a ‘Light’ version (Georgia Pro, Corbel), and both show the same behaviour of switching to the font’s standard version on reopening.

Thanks, this has been filed and a fix will be available in the next release. We plan to release the new Beta by the end of this week. Sorry about this, some latest changes have skipped this bug through our radar into the release. Thanks for reporting it!

No worries at all – it’s a weird thing, but pretty minor all told! Glad I could help! :smiley: