[LH4134] Abrupt shutdown when selecting style for selected text in document notes

I was working yesterday and had a sudden insight into a character and just wrote it down in the editor pane before I forgot any of it. When I finished, I selected this text and dragged it to the document notes section of the Inspector. The formatting from the editor went along with the text so I had indented, 1.5 spaced text in the editor, which I didn’t like. I selected the text in the document notes, right clicked, selected style and when I selected any of the styles, Scrivener just shutdown without any warning. I repeated this three times, even changing which style I chose, and Scrivener just blinked out of existence.

I’m using 64-bit Scrivener on a Lenovo Yoga Book running windows 10.

Would you be able to send us a project that has this error? You can send it to win3beta@literatureandlatte.com with a link to this thread. That will help us narrow down what about the text is causing this issue.


Sample project and link sent.

Thank you for sending this project. It does look like this bug only affects selecting the style from the right-click menu. You can work around this by highlighting the text you want to change and using the style dropdown in the editor toolbar instead. As long as focus is in the inspector you should get the results you want.

This has been filed. Thanks!

Thanks Bryan. Much appreciated.