[LH4145] Beta 28 - Which pane does the Inspector depict?

Hi - The new draft manual describes the Inspector’s target as follows:

But in practice, the Inspector doesn’t follow the active editor pane. If we’ve chosen Navigate > Binder Selection Affects > Right Editor and navigate via the Binder, our Inspector describes the pane navigated thereby, whether or not it is shown as active. To illustrate:

  1. Initially, left pane is active, showing document “The Corkboard”.
  2. We click on “The Editor” in the binder. Active pane is still “The Corkboard” but the Inspector follows our navigation.

    I’d prefer a toggle that aligns the inspector to the Active editor without exception. Just adjacent to Navigate > Editor > Lock Inspector to Current Editor and with a color of its own. That behavior would adhere more closely to the manual’s depiction than the beta’s does in either of its toggle modes.

Thanks for considering

Rgds - Jerome
Version: Beta (735337) 64-bit - 06 Nov 2019

In fact you have correctly interpreted the meaning from the manual, and the current behaviour in the software is incorrect. The binder-affects behaviour does not switch the active editor, and so changing the material within it, through any means, should not cause the inspector to switch to inspecting it. It leads to an ambiguous and confusing situation where can be typing in one file, and viewing notes from another entirely (the only time that should happen is if you have locked the inspector to the other split, and then there is a very obvious visual cue).

So there is no need for an option here, it just needs to be fixed. :slight_smile:


Super, thanks Ioa. BTW, this is an example of a bug disclosed by scripting. Mine relies on an entry in Bookmarks to determine whether a scripted nav operation has found its target. Whereas human operators quietly accommodate themselves to road conditions; they’ll click around the panes if they need the Inspector to line up.

Cheers - Jerome

So in a certain light, we could think of your workflow as a unit test. :slight_smile: