[LH4148] Split View Control in the Editor window—just a small thing

Please, please, please: I know this must be possible, but I’m uncertain if it’s feasible:

Could we please get an option/preference added at some future release giving users a choice as to the preferred window split orientation said user would prefer, so that the default choice doesn’t have to be Vertical.

Sure, I know I can press the alt key before clicking, or press CTRL++, or navigate through View->Editor Layout->Split Horizontally (and—given my affinity for not removing my hands from the keyboard—you’d think I’d prefer one of the last two), but for some reason I learned to click with the mouse first, and it’s a hard habit to break (even though, in dark mode, the toggle is one of the many navigation items that are just tad to difficult to see well.)

The way it should work is that the orientation is remembered after you set it, so if you once choose a horizontal split in a project, the toggle button will remain with that preference when opening and closing editor splits until you deliberately choose the vertical layout. So this is already on our list. :slight_smile:

I concur. It is how it should work. Glad to hear it’s on your radar!