[LH4155] [Beta 31] Comment Problems

Whenever I comment several words together and if there are no other words on that line, it highlights the entire stretch the editor window and also leaves a small trailing block of yellow highlight color at the bottom of the line underneath it. But if I remove the empty line below the highlight text, the highlight contracts to only highlight the words I selected. But as soon as I hit the enter key on the line with the highlighted text (inserting a carriage return), it displays that small trailing block of yellow highlight again.

Also, I am having a very hard time if I try to delete the comment and remove the yellow highlight. Even after deleting the comment in the comments list of the inspector, the yellow highlight color still remains. In fact, if I navigate to another document in the binder and then come back to this document, the comment block in the inspector magically reappears.

But none of these problems happen when I comment several words together in a paragraph. I’ve attached a screenshot to this post. Thanks.

Yes, I have that too and the same thing happens with footnotes. Both can be solved by adding a space after the note/comment, but it’s slightly irritating that it happens in the first place.

That works. Yeah, it would be nice if they fixed this instead of us having to manually add a space at the end of the comment every time we encounter this comment generation scenario. I hope they mark this as a bug fixing task.

This has been filed. Thanks.