[LH4170] How to create documents templates with the latest Beta ?

Hi !

I just spent 20 minutes to find a way to create document templates on the latest beta build, but I failed (the gain in productivity was a failure also…especially if I add this message in the process :wink: ). I understand that I need to select a folder, then click on Project/Set selection as templates folder.

But but but, I can’t see this option anywhere on my Scrivener (latest beta), is it a new bug ?

Another question, when will we have a stable V3 version ? I have to admit that I am really fed up to install new betas every months (many times, I can’t work because I don’t already have internet access), and I don’t want to use the (very) old scrivener, dark mode is essential for me. I seriously think about switching my workflow, scrivener became a pain in the hat.

Project->Project Settings->Special Folders is what you’re looking for. You select your folder with the drop-down there, so you need to create a templates folder first. You apparently have to have your Templates folder outside of any other folders, so that it’s on the same indent level as the draft, research, and trash folders. Seems a bit restrictive. I’m pretty sure that we should be able to have it inside Research too.

Thank you for your answer and sorry for the late answer, I didn’t have any notification.

I already tried that, but I think there is a bug here also. I can’t select the Drop down menu, it is written “No templates folder”. (My folder is at the root of my scrivener document).

That’s definitely a bug, but I’m able to create a template folder and choose it, so long as it’s not in another folder in the binder.

If you re-create your project using file->save as, does the copy allow you to pick the template folder there? I suspect there’s something odd going on with one of the internal files (probably the .scrivx file), and/or how the software is interpreting it.

If you can reproduce it in a test project, I’d suggest zipping it up and uploading it to the forum (you may have to add a false “.txt” extension to make the forum software accept it). Hopefully the developers can then see the issue themselves.

I just created an empty project from scratch and the bug has appeared again :

test.scriv.zip (108 KB)

The Project Template named “Novel” does not have a “Templates” folder. That’s a bug in the Novel template. It has a “Template Sheets” folder, but that’s not a valid name for a Templates folder. Scrivener will only accept one word for the folder’s title.

The Templates folder evidently must be named “Templates.” Not Template. Not Template Sheets. You may have a dozen folders named “Templates” and Scrivener in Projects → project settings → special folders will let you choose any of them as the project’s Templates folder. But the Templates folder cannot be named anything else. Not "Templates " (with a space) or “Templates1”. Not even the French equivalent (Modèles, per Google translate). And if you rename the “Templates” folder once you’ve selected it as the project’s Templates folder, it ceases to be the Templates folder and will not allow you to select it again unless you change the name back to “Templates.”

So there are bugs here.

One, the novel project template needs a “Templates” folder, and does not have one.
Two, internationalization bug doesn’t allow other language equvalent names (such as Modèles or Plantillas).

And a hard-coded name requirement. This may reflect the Mac version’s restrictions.

I don’t think any of this reflects the Mac version’s functionality. I’ll have to check to make sure, but I know I’ve created templates folders in Research at least. And I’d be surprised if there were naming restrictions–Internally, it’s going to be identified by a string of hexedecimal numbers, regardless of the user-visible name in the binder.

This is indeed a bug and has been filed. In the meantime there is a workaround. Name whatever folder you wish to use “Templates” and select it using the dropdown menu in Project Settings. Afterwards you can rename the folder whatever you wish and it should still work as the template folder. The “Novel” project template includes a “Template Sheets” folder which is already set to be the template folder, but will not appear in the dropdown due to the aforementioned bug.

Template folders must still be located outside of the “Draft/Manuscript” and “Trash” special folders (“Research” is okay)

Thank you, I renamed it to Templates and it worked. Not very intuitive (especially for non-english speakers) but I guess it will evolve.