[LH4180] Can't seem to get the beta to see scrformat files.

I made this nice format I really like and I wanted to use it on three large fantasy books I have written (over 200k words each), but nothing happens when I try to import the exported format. It’s there in the file folder, but not showing in the software. Does this not work currently in the beta? Or am I doing something wrong?


The info you have provided is not enough. Can you describe your exact steps? The more information you share, the bigger the chance for people to help you.


Compile/settings/import format.

When I export a format that I like from another Scrivener project, (in this case it’s called Manuscript Times) it shows in the folder. No problem. However, it does NOT show in Scrivener after importing. I can choose “My Formats” or “Project Formats”, it just does not show.

After selecting the one I want and telling it to import, Scrivener does NOT import it.

(I can’t tell if these images are showing… They’re in Dropbox and the preview is showing a broken image link.)
(EDIT : No they did not show so I removed them.)

I was able to export and import without issue in Beta 26. Are you exporting from the same version of scrivener that you’re importing to? Some version info might be helpful here. I can imagine exporting from 1.9.x might cause problems, due to the changes in the compiler in the beta.

Using this one: Version: Beta (714429) 64-bit - 16 Oct 2019
And yes, exporting and importing in the same version.

However, that said, the project I am trying to import to was originally in the regular Windows version, but has been opened and upgraded to the beta version for some time now (like a couple of months). This is just the first time I’ve been trying to get the formating to work on that file.

I’ll test two projects that were started from scratch in the beta version and see if they work.

Okay, it also does not work on a new project. Just tested on one I started a week or so ago. Same thing. Goes through the motions, but does not show the imported format in the compile menu, It exports just fine, but does not import.
Format files are in scrformat.

Was messing around with the import/export trying to reproduce this issue and noticed something odd. I was able to successfully export/import but it seemingly failed when there was an existing format with the same name. The existing format had “Copy” appended to the end of the name. When editing the format and manually changing the name to remove the “Copy” suddenly the second entry showed up in the formats list. Adding the “Copy” back (it is case sensitive), the second entry disappeared again. Any edits to either format from that point would affect both copies but deleting one would have no affect on the other. Not really sure what the behavior is expected to be here but it seems odd.

This may or may not have something to do with the issue you’re having. My suggestion is to try changing the name of the format if you have a similarly named one. Edit: Not the saved file name but change the actual format name in scrivener.

Could it be possible that this is giving me trouble because I have both the regular Windows version installed AND the beta version? I know there are files in Appdata.

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll go try that now.

I have both versions installed also.

Darn, was hoping that would fix it, but no, still didn’t work.

I take that back… I finally got it to work. Had to duplicate and edit and rename them but yep, that worked. No idea why. But hey, it works as intended now. Whew! :smiley: Thanks for the help. :smiley:

That kind of makes sense.Scrivener already has a compile profile named Manuscript Times, and it will not overwrite that profile. So anything named that won’t be added.

I think it should say, though, that it cannot import it because of a name conflict. It shouldn’t simply silently fail.

Glad you sorted that, and hopefully they’ll add meaningful failure messages when it doesn’t override existing formats… but why didn’t you just save it to “my formats” from within Scrivener to make it available to all of your other projects, instead of going through the export/import process? Are the other projects on different machines?

After testing some more…

This is interesting, and I think it’s several bugs. Two of them I’ll report separately (#1 & #7 behaviors in this list. The rest of them… I’m not sure. They may be related to the UUID thing I mention later. It’s a bug, and it’s likely the same bug, having to do with the UUID of the imported file).

  1. Compile import doesn’t remember the directory I used last for imports.
  2. Sometimes when it looks like it failed, it succeeded but doesn’t show the profiles in the list. If I then import something that’s not a duplicate name, all those will show.
  3. If, on evident fail, I rename the profile inside the file (simple text editor will let you do this), and import, it will succeed, but the profile will not be named what I changed it to be.
  4. I can have duplicate names in the list.
  5. If I have duplicate names, however, renaming one of them renames all of them.
  6. If I rename one of the duplicate names, it renames all, as mentioned above; if I then DELETE one of the duplicate names, I’ll see the remaining names also duplicated but the name that did not show in bug 3 will now be duplicated.
  7. I don’t specify the FULL FILENAME, regardless of the default extension, it won’t recognize the filename at all. That is, if I don’t specify MyDefaults.scrformat, Scrivener cannot find the file, even if I type MyDefaults and rely on the default extension

Here’s what happened (latest testing):

I duplicated Default inside the Compile dialog, put it in My Formats, saved it as default.
I exported this to “MyDefaults.”

I imported MyDefaults.scrformat (7th bug, here; if I don’t specify the FULL FILENAME, regardless of the default extension, it won’t recognize the filename at all. That is, if I don’t specify MyDefaults.scrformat, Scrivener cannot find the file, even if I type MyDefaults and rely on the default extension). It imported as a second copy of Defaults. Not as MyDefaults.

I edited the scrformat file, and changed the name of the profile (2nd line of the file), and then reimported. It imported MyDefaults correctly, but changed the name of MyFormats/Defaults to MyFormats/MyDefaults.

I didn’t change the UUID of the format. That might be the cause of the strange duplication issue. Just re-tested, and it is. If I also change the UUID (also, 2nd line of the file), the funky duplicated name change issue disappears.

Should Scrivener by default choose a new UUID for each imported scrformat file? Is the UUID for Default, or for Manuscript Times, the same for every installation of Scrivener? That would mean that imports to another machine would behave strangely, as reported by the OP.

This has been filed. Thanks.