[LH4182] Challenged to Preserve Certain Section Layouts

Compile --> Edit Format --> Section Layouts

When editing the Prefix Tab content, the editor’s text is lost when closing Scrivener. Formatting is preserved, however.

A similar but different issue occurs with the “Title Option” Tab. When specifying a “Title Suffix,” if a line of text ends with the paragraph break symbol (which occurs automatically, when hitting [Enter]), formatting is lost in the Formatting Tab’s editor for the defined suffix. I have only tested this with justification settings, like Center, Left, Right. This also only occurs after exiting Scrivener.

EDIT: Whoops. I tested the second issue with “Title Prefix,” not Suffix.

Windows 64 v10 current updates. Scrivener .29 Beta (743042) x64


Thanks, that looks easy enough to reproduce, it looks like the prefix/suffix tabs are not saving at all into the compile format at the moment, and are deleting anything that existed there before.

On the second one, it might have less to do with the fields and carriage returns than justification itself. If I test very simply by creating a new format from defaults, and only modify the “Chapter Number” layout to centre alignment, and merely click from one tab back to Formatting, it pops back to left alignment.

Let me know if you’re seeing something else on top of that however.

I might need more help on the second one after all. I discovered what I think is another bug entirely, as I had the file type set to .txt while testing. In that mode no formatting at all sticks when switching tabs.