[LH4194] Not sure... shortcut key sequence overlays 1st line on 2nd...

As mentioned.

I have a document where the first few lines are very short. In fact, the first line is centered on the page; it’s the chapter number (<$n>).

I was trying to access a style, and mistyped the shortcut keys. Ctrl+Shift+3, then Ctrl+Shirt+2, then Ctrl+Shift+1. (I know, wrong shortcuts).
And the first line was moved down entirely onto the second line. Looking up those shortcuts, I see they’re line spacing commands.

I tried them on a different paragraph, 1 at a time. Any of them alone doesn’t have that effect, but if I do the last 2 in sequence, the last line of the paragraph is written over the first line of the following paragraph.

Not sure why. Shouldn’t line spacing override previous line spacing?

Hi rwfranz,

Can you send us a sample project that you get this in? Thanks!

(win3beta@literatureandlatte.com - link to this thread in the email)

sent. I copied the project I found it in, cut everything away but two docs in which I verified this happens.

Thanks for the project. This has been filed.