[LH4208] Simple HTML paste that locks Beta 28

Hi – This is the same freeze on a null image that we reported on Scriv

It bit me again today on the beta. Pasted in an email fragment from Thunderbird where the image was stripped but the tag remained. It caused a session lock, requiring Task Manager to exit.

Replicate the bug by saving the following code into a text file with an HTML extension, displaying it a browser, selecting All, copying, and pasting the results into Scrivener’s editor. Check the original link for an illustration and more details on demonstrating the freeze.


This page pasted in from a browser locks and freezes Scrivener Beta [/code]

New replication reports appreciated. Thanks for taking a look, and, if possible, repairing for v.3.

Cheers - Jerome

Version: Beta (735337) 64-bit - 06 Nov 2019

This has been fixed and will be available in the next update.