[LH4208] Windows Beta - copy/paste problem

Just downloaded and installed Windows Beta 3, version and had it crash 5 times when trying to do a simple copy and paste from another Scrivener file and then trying to paste regular text from an email.

Worked fine for the 10 minutes before I tried the copy and paste. I tried via Ctrtl+V and also via pasting from the Edit tab. I was able to do this across other programs on my systems right now, so seems a Scrivener Windows Beta issue.

Hi Jeffrey, you’ll probably get more relevant responses in the dedicated Beta Testing fourm.

Yes, this is a very real bug, a freezecrash of Scrivener most often triggered when html email is pasted into the editor window, because email clients will often strip images from emails to disable tracking. An image tag stripped to the form

continues to crash Beta 30, as it did the last released version I used.

A gentle reminder to team Scrivener: multiple reports over three years, a way to reproduce the crash, but we’re still awaiting a repair ticket.

Simple HTML paste that locks Scriv
Simple HTML paste that locks Beta 28

Cheers - Jerome

This has been fixed and will be available in the next update.