[LH4215] Compile (PDF) Bugs

<$pagecount> always returns -1
<$pageGroupTitle> only works when I add a title page, otherwise it returns the name of the project

Both of these placeholder tags were tested in both the header and footers for the main body text and exportation to a PDF.

Hi Peedro,

The issue with <$pagecount> has been filed. Thanks!

As for your issue with <$pageGroupTitle>, when compiling are your sections separated by page breaks? If so then there is a problem somewhere, but if not <$pageGroupTitle> will always default to the title of the project, since it goes off of the most recent page break for deciding where the group titles are.

I’ve been struggling with this, as well.
I have page breaks defined for chapters, as part of the compile section layouts. And it seemingly works, as chapters do start on a new page.
However, as far as I can tell, Scrivener does not seem to recognize the page break it generates when it comes to applying the <$pageGroupTitle>.
No matter what I try, I always get the manuscript title, not the expected chapter title.

Hi adrm, would you be willing to submit a sample project set up this way for us to test? you can either upload it here if it’s small enough or email it to win3beta@literatureandlatte.com with a link to this thread.


This is STILL a bug. <$PageGroupTitle> doesn’t compile in (1078037) 64-bit - 14 Oct 2020. It works on the Mac and doesn’t work on Windows.