[LH4218] Inspector footnotes placed incorrectly following acronyms with full stops

When adding an inspector footnote at the end of a sentence which ends with an acronym styled with full stops, the footnote is placed before the final full stop, not after. See the screenshot for examples. In every case I attempted to place the footnote directly after the final full stop of the acronym. It works fine in examples 1 and 3, but when I’ve styled the acronym with full stops, as in examples 2 and 4, the footnote has ‘jumped’ back a spot and is inserted before the final full stop. After compile, the footnote is still incorrectly placed - see second screenshot of a compile into docx using default settings.

This has been filed. Thanks.

While L&L are squashing this bug, you might care to look under Project > Project Settings… > Format, where I think you will find the option to use a footnote marker like an asterisk, rather than a highlight. This is the Mac screenshot, but it’s been available in the Windows Betas for many iterations now.

Thing is, if your cursor is after the full-stop, that’s where the marker will be. They also have the advantage that you can drag them to another position if you change your mind about its location—that is true on the Mac at least.