[LH4238] Compile bugs in Beta 33

These (and probably many others) compile if placed in a document, but not in Title Options:


<$img> behaves in the opposite manner:

It compiles if placed in Title Options, but not in a document

When selecting a Compile Group:

  1. UNCHECKING “Include text of containing group” has no effect
    (Must uncheck it in the contents pane or Inspector)

  2. All Front Matter compiles, not just Front Matter for selected Compile Group

  3. Same problem for Back Matter

<$label>, <$keywords>… etc. placeholders not handled inside the Title Options is a bug, which has been addressed and will be available in the next build. Thanks for reporting this!

I could not reproduce the problem with the <$img> placeholder.

“Include text of containing group” only adds/removes completely the selected(root) compile group item to the content list view. You still have the option to check/uncheck the item inside the list if you want to include/exclude it from the current compilation like all the other documents.

“… adds/removes completely the selected(root) compile group …”
But it doesn’t. If it WERE removed completely, I wouldn’t need to remove it again by unchecking it in the current compilation list. I’m speaking of the way that (a) it makes sense and (b) the way I know it works in Scrivener 3.

You skipped my points (2) and (3) for Front and Back matter.

You’re right about the $img tag. The error was mine.

Here’s the way it works in Scrivener 3. Selecting the Compile group eliminates Front, Back matter that don’t belong, and unchecking the box takes the container out of the listing.