[LH4262] Beta 34: Bug: Instant crash during Print Preview

Beta 34 crashes instantly when choosing to do a Print Preview. The application shuts down without any message or diagnostic window.

I can confirm this is happening. To reproduce, select any document, then go to File > Print Preview and Scrivener disappears without warning.

I can confirm this. For me it happens both on Print Preview and when you choose Print Current Document, dialog pops up, then press Print.

Version: Beta (804038) 64-bit - 14 Jan 2020

I can also confirm: Beta (804038) 64-bit - 14 Jan 2020, any attempt to print single or multiple documents causes immediate termination of Scrivener.

Just make sure you Ctrl+S to save before trying to replicate the bug. You might get a recovered file, and it might be blank. Since I was just working with a non-important journal and it was only one line of text, I didn’t lose anything. And yes, either File->Print and File->Print Preview or the keyboard shortcuts for both will result in a crash.

Thank you, guys! This has been fixed and will be available in the next update.