[LH4317][36] Memory Leak

Not sure “memory leak” is the correct phrase. But whenever I click on a folder while in edit mode, the system memory jumps by about 30MB and doesn’t go back down. When I click the main manuscript folder (currently 32,000 words in the file) the system memory jumps by around 500MB. By clicking away and then clicking back on the main folder, I can easily get over a gigabyte of memory usage that doesn’t go back down.

Tested this is version 1.9 and when clicking a folder and then clicking a text file, the system memory goes back down (doesn’t keep rising).

This is in Scrivenings mode, yes? Has been reported here: [url][LH4317] Beta 27 Possible Memory Leak Issue (with steps to reproduce)] however there has been no response from the devs yet.

This has been filed. Thanks.

It looks like this has been resolved in B39.