[LH4351] [B38] deleting folders from trash crashes Scrivener

I just accidentally duplicated a whole section of my draft, so I trashed it then decided to clean-up the trash (as this was a 40,000 word section of the draft, and the whole project is getting a bit large and unwieldy). I find I can delete multiple documents at a time with no problem, but as soon as I try to delete a selection that includes a folder Scrivener just crashes to desktop with no error message.

As I experimented, I found I could reopen Scrivener without difficult, but after a few crashes I got the error that Scrivener had found files that shouldn’t be there and placed them in the “recovered files” folder, with a blank dialogue box headed “Scrivener” but with no message. The recovered files cannot be opened and appear to have no content.

Curiously, if you try the “Empty Trash” command, it works flawlessly.

Thanks JJE, I managed to reproduce this and has been fixed for the next Beta 39 update.