[LH4356] B39: Dragging docs from another project into Outliner View does not update the pane.

Hi - If we display a folder and its subdocs in Outliner View, and drag some documents into the pane from another open Scrivener project, the Outliner display will not be updated even if the import is successful. This bug is new in Beta 39.

  1. I just dragged documents 11051 and 11052 into “Get it Out There” in the Outliner pane. The binder reflects the successful import, but the Outliner pane does not.

We can flip to Corkboard View to see the new docs in place, and then we can switch back to Outliner View and it’ll show them as well. Drags directly into Corkboard View display correctly.

Rgds - Jerome

Thanks, JJSLOTE! We managed to reproduce this and the fix will be available in the next Beta 40 update.

Super. Looks like this occurs on file imports as well. .

Rgds - Jerome