[LH4357] B39: Footer doesn't update immediately on toggling Page View

Version B39, (but on Debian Buster, Wine V5.0 stable so please confirm on Windows…

When switching from Page View to Standard View or vice versa, the previous view’s footer (word count or page count as appropriate) is retained until you click in the text, or begin to edit it in some way. e.g. switch from Page View to Standard View and it will continue to show Page 999 / 22222222 till you take action.

Expected behaviour: the footer switches with the change of view automatically and immediately.


Not seeing this in Windows 10 Enterprise. I switch views and the footer changes as appropriate when adding/deleting or otherwise changing the text in the document. There is no delay.

Thanks – but that is exactly the bug / unexpected behaviour I’m reporting… The footer doesn’t change until you do something to the file.

On the Mac, toggling the view updates the header to the correct content immediately, without any user action, and I think that’s the expected behaviour.

Thank you guys, this has been fixed and will be available in the next Beta 40 update.