[LH4358] Corkboard "Arrange cards in rows" button vanishes and "grid" won't display.

Hi - Sorry to be a pain! I’m using “Version: Beta (833014) 64-bit”

In Corkboard, the “Arrange cards in rows button” is vanishing when I select the middle level of three tiers of Folders

So I have

Book(folder) - Act(folder) - Chapter(folder) - Scene (file).

It’s fine when I select all my “Books” - the Acts appear neatly in the grid.
It’s also fine when I select a bunch of Chapters - the Scene files appear neatly in the grid.
However, when I select a set of Acts, the corkboard only displays the Acts themselves, and that button disappears.

I swear this worked before but I don’t have time to tinker!

(I can send you screen shots, but I don’t want to post them here because it is work in progress).

To clarify, are you absolutely certain that you are viewing a stacked corkboard? There are two ways to tell:

  • You have the grid/row/column selections available in the footer bar (so that’s one clue you aren’t viewing a stack of corkboards)
  • The contents of each selected folder are in the corkboard, and there is a grey line drawn in between each set of cards, representing the contents of each respective folder.

If instead you see the “acts” themselves as cards, and you can’t see the chapter listings within them, and there are no lines in between sets, then you’re viewing a mixed selection of items. Here’s an example:

  1. I click on one act folder: get a corkboard showing a list of its chapters.
  2. I Ctrl-click on another act folder: I get a stacked corkboard, each showing a list of chapters.
  3. I Ctrl-click on a text file: now I just have an ordinary multiple selection of mixed items. I won’t see any chapter cards, just the explicit selection that I’ve created so far (three items).

Thanks for taking the time to respond in such detail. Please bear with me…

I followed your instructions. Everything displays fine at book level:

However, not at Act Level:

On further tinkering I discovered that Act 3 was empty. As soon as I added file it displayed fine:

Though I can see there must be internal logic, from the point of view of usability, this feels like a bug since: one would expect an empty parent folder to just display an empty row; this makes it impossible to work from scratch on the corkboard (emulating the Save the Cat approach); and, on adding a new empty folder, the view suddenly stops working with no explanation , so you can’t e.g. use corkboard to shift chapters between acts.

I see, yeah that is something that is unaccounted for in the logic. An empty folder should be treated as a folder and produce an empty row in the stack. I’ll get this written up for improvement, thanks for taking the time to dig into what was going on!

And thank you for coming down this rabbit hole with me! (I actually bought a bigger monitor so I could use this feature.)