[LH4403] Way to increase the amount of usable screen real estate?

I’m running 3.0 alongside 1.9.9 and can’t find a way to set my 3.0 workspace up as effectively as my 1.9.9 one - primarily due to the non-adjustable vertical spacing in the binder, outliner and inspector windows (although the project targets window also has way more empty space in it and can’t be resized down further). Below are screenshots for comparison. In 1.9.9 I can get loads more rows in the binder, outliner, etc than I can in 3.0. I am running a 1920 x 1080 screen at the recommended zoom settings and both 1.9.9 and 3.0 are setup the same as far as high DPI behaviour is concerned.
Is there an easy answer to this that I have missed searching the forums?

Check the Options > Appearance settings. Binder and Outliner spacing can be adjusted.

Yes, I have done that. My screenshots show the effect of all row spacing set to zero (the lowest it can go). Would be nice if it could go negative, or if there was some other way to do this. As it stands, this is a retrograde step and negates any benefit to me in upgrading!

There is definitely a bug there.

Just to be clear: The 0 pixels spacing appears bigger than the 4px spacing.

Yes, there is a bug applying the Binder spacing.
A workaround in Beta 41 is to press Apply twice, which will fix it and apply the expected value. Set it to 0 px and press “Apply” twice.

You can also reduce the Binder items font size, which will get you a bit more visual items.

A few things –

  • binder rows can be tighter. Scriv 1.9.x has the binder rows pretty tightly spaced, and Beta 2.9 does not. Unfortunately, it won’t take negative line spacing (the only way to get things as tightly spaced as 1.9.x’s binder). Try a different font for the binder? Some fonts have less line-spacing built in (Baskerville, for example).
  • Toolbar height is different between the two. This can be adjusted at File - Options - Appearance - General. I usually leave the main toolbar off, myself, but 20 pts tall and 16 pt icons for the Main toolbar will give you an extra line of visible text in the editor. I’d adjust the formatting toolbar to 18 and 12. Doesn’t save as much, but it shrinks the icons and gives you a bit more screen real estate. You might not want to be that drastic (original heights are 36 for main and 24 for formatting, and they’re a bit taller than 1.9.x’s were).