[LH4429] Unable to compile Ebook formats (epub or mobi)

Since beta 42 (and persisted in beta 43), I am unable to compile to Ebook formats any longer. I tried with many combinations of options enabled and disabled. Nothing seems to work. It starts the compilation, and in the Compiling Manuscript phase, it shuts down. This does not happen if I compile to Word. It’s only persistent with Ebook formats.

I would recommend to compile folder by folder. If a folder crashes try to compile document by document within that folder. This will help you pinpoint the document causing the problem and spot the problem more easily. Once you have a reproducible crashing document, please upload the project here for testing.

This might be too trivial an example, but it does crash on compile. In this project I want the folder names to appear in the table of contents and the files in the folder appear as sub-entries. If you check the box to add the folder to the ebook, the compile crashes.

crash_on_compile.scriv.zip (34.9 KB)

Thanks laurelboa! I managed to reproduce the crash and a fix will be available in the next update.
Meanwhile, to avoid the crash put some text or symbols inside the empty folder “Tiny Heroes”