[LH4431] Modifying "quick access colors" for text/highlight color pickers in dark mode?

I’m using the Dark Mode theme, which I really like. Except now none of the default color choices make sense. I’d like to be able to configure the “quick access colors” in the text and highlight color pickers to colors that make sense in dark mode. That is, the 5 colors that appear on the top line of the color pickers:

The ones that are provided by default are mostly either illegible (like black text on my black background or a yellow highlight over white text) or just really hard on my eyes/hard to read - like bright red text on the black background or a light pastel highlight over white text - which pretty much defeats the purpose of dark mode

I realize I can pick from other colors in the color picker itself, but it’s REALLY hard to remember that the 7th blue in the 2nd column works well as does the 5th yellow in the 4th coloumn (or whatever - I’m making these up just as examples) and so I keep finding myself wasting time going “wait, is this the color I’ve been using to indicate this type of note? or is it this slightly different shade?”

(and I can hear some of you saying that scrivener is not for formatting like that - but then why bother to allow color selection at all? I use it pretty heavily for my research notes that I keep in scrivener so that I can highlight different points that I think I want to pull into what I’m writing)

Is there a way to change those quick access colors? OR - could I assign hot keys to different highlight or text colors? I tried creating different styles for different colors, but that doesn’t seem to work - as soon as I apply the style, the color reverts to the default/unset white.

Thanks so much!

Unfortunately at this stage the colors are hardcoded. This is an in-house control for a quick color selection and the current design does not allow user color changes. I will add this as a feature request for further in-house discussion.

Hi Abby - I’d recommend AutoHotkey for this and a hundred other Scrivener customization tasks. Here’s the routine I use to set a preferred highlighting color:

WinActivate, - Scrivener
Send !r
send h
send s
sleep, 200
Send !r
send 170
send !g
send 170
send !u
send 0
send {Enter}

Rgds - Jerome

Oh, sweet! Thank you. I will look into that right now.

Maybe this will be clearer once I install AutoKey - but how do I figure out what letters to use (!r h s etc…) Is there a document you’re going off of for this?

Thank you!

Thanks so much!

I know that’s not really core to what Scrivener is meant to do - but being able to color code lines is a huge help for me in getting through gobs and gobs of research notes and data.


The “sends” are just keystrokes into Scrivener’s menu system. A key with an exclamation mark (!r) is an Alt keystroke. So to see what the script is doing, just key in the following in your Scrivener session:

Alt-r h s Alt-r 1 7 0 Alt-g 1 7 0 Alt-u 0

…and press Enter

AutoHotkey is a free open source program available at autohotkey.com/ .

Cheers - Jerome

Ahhh, clever - it’s pulling up the color selector dialog and then inputting the RGB values, yes?

Okay, I’m going to have to play with this. I’m a freak about doing everything with the keyboard! :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you!