[LH4435] Beta 43: Misformatting for MSWord and PDF around Footnote positions, option suggestion also

Scrivener takes the nearest word to an Inspector Footnote position, and adds both underlining and background color to it. This we can find is intentional, to make scanning footnote positions easy, and to provide a marked easy link to get to the footnote itself. This feels a good feature (though it would be nice to be able to turn it on or off).

However, trouble comes in compiling. A PDF will come out with the footnote as one would expect: just the symbol within the text, and the footnote below. But a Word docx or an RTF will retain the editor’s background color marking and link underlining. This is definitely not what you want in the compiled document.

I didn’t check other compile output formats; could be the same problem in others.

Hopefully this can be fixed at the time that footnote format is – logical?

Perhaps you could consider a checkbox for the background-underline editor feature at that time also.

Sorry, narrsd, but I could not spot the problem. The Inspector Footnote anchors are underlined when compiled to RTF/Word but do not have a text background color(default light gray color). The blue underline link decoration can be removed via unchecking the “RTF Compatibility” > “Ensure hyperlinks are colored and underlined”.

Am I missing something from your error report above?

In the next build Inspector Footnote anchors will never be decorated as links, when exported to RTF/Word.

Great improvement; thanks. Also, just in case @narrsd is struggling to find the RTF compatibility option; you have to use a custom compile format (you can’t edit the supplied ones). So, save one of the inbuilt formats as “My default” (or whatever), then click on the lower, left-hand cogwheel and choose “edit format”:

You will then see the “compile options”, including the RTF compatibility one that Tiho was referring to:

I looked again, and you’re correct so far; I wasn’t precise. What the Inspector Footnotes come out as is underlined and in link collor :slight_smile: They aren’t background-colored; that’s just inside Scrivener as intent.

I think your second solution, in the next following response, is the good one: that forward in releases, no underlines or colors for Inspector Footnotes – great.

(turning off that option you mentioned would have removed formatting for real web links, am sure you recognized that, so just mentioning for post-reader clarity)

Thanks,Tiho, as you know.