[LH4459] (RC1) Beta corrupts bullets+text

For the first time, I’ve experienced possible text corruption with the beta. :frowning:

Open the attached sample project in beta 44. Document “Bullets get corrupted in this doc” looks like this.

Now open the project in RC1, and the document looks like this.

While the bullets & text are no longer visible in Scrivener, they seem intact when I check the actual .rtf file.

Still, from Scrivener’s perspective, it’s as if the text is no longer in the doc. And if I open the same corrupted project again back in beta 44, the bulleted text is still unreadable, so it seems that RC1 has somehow corrupted the text or the .rtf.

The tutorial has a ton of bullets and I didn’t see this issue, so perhaps it’s something specific to the settings in my project or this document.

Let me know if I can provide any additional info.

RC1 Issue-bak4.zip (38.1 KB)

Thanks, JimRac! I managed to reproduce it. We will be releasing a hotfix within a day.

Indeed I have the same problem here with the update.

Sometimes all the text with bullets is deleted, but sometimes it’s just the indentation that is exaggerated. In the .rtf file, I see the same problem.

Please, download and use the following installer until we upload the hotfix: dropbox.com/s/zxrpf1d8pljdz … 4.exe?dl=0

Let me know how it works for you.

I just did and it works fine now!

thanks tiho_d

Thank you. My lists seem to formatted correctly now.

Tiho, that fixed it. Thanks for the quick turnaround!