[LH4470] Alt-Right Click on binder icon also toggles split. Also can anyone help?

I’ve read the following on the manual concerning custom icons:

While it works, it also toggles the split view the same way it does if you Alt-Left Click and this is probably unintended.

As a side note, I’ve been making more experiments importing custom binder icons and it doesn’t matter what size they are, I always end up with pixelated icons. Does anybody knows if this is a known issue or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you. :mrgreen:

Thanks, I’ve added this bug to the system.

As for making crisp icons, I’m pretty sure the native icon size is 32x32. At least I’ve had success using icons of that size in the LaTeX template. Do note that the icon manager tools has a different idea! Don’t use that to import icons, only to delete or rename them. I cannot get a good result with that because it downsizes to 16x16. It’s much better to create an Icons folder in your project.scriv folder, and then drag the 32x icons into that folder directly.

Holy Smoke, this is amazing! I didn’t know I can import my custom icons directly into the folder. Never occurred to me to even try.

Thanks a lot for the tip,

Yeah it’s a pretty basic system. “Does icon file exist in this folder? Then list it.” :slight_smile:


BUMPING this as the Alt-Right Click issue first put forth in this topic seems to have been only partially resolved.
I’m not sure this behaviour is different from before, but I thought I’d point this out just in case:

Now Alt-Right Click on the same index card that’s already selected won’t toggle the split view.
On the other hand, Alt-Right Click on a different index card will.