[LH4492] RC2: Importing a web page


I noticed that importing a web page (Add->Web Page) sometimes misses images.

For example: self-publishingschool.com/how-t … -dialogue/

The page contains images relating to dialogue attribution, the first is displayed, but subsequent ones are missing.



Whoah…we have us a showstopper. Copying that page and pasting it into the editing pane actually crashes RC2.

  1. Pasting the content into Scrivener throws two message windows “Could not open svg> for writing: svg>”. Clearing the topmost message crashes the program.

Rgds - Jerome

I normally have uBlock Origin running, and with it running, copy and paste was fine. I turned it off to check, copied again, and… got that message. Twice. And Scrivener crashed.

is an element in HTML5. If that’s what caused the crash, that does indeed need to be fixed. However, there are dozens of those elements in that page; why did Scrivener display but 2 messages? Were those 2 malformed?

It’s reproducible, anyway. Of particular note, though, is that NO minidumps were output on crash.

This has been filed. Thanks.