[LH4499] Ctrl-Tab doesn't move through windows


Open the tutorial project.
Select a document in the Binder.
Change view to split editors. View > Editor Layout > Split Vertically.

Ctrl-tab repeatedly. The cursor should move from the Binder to the Left Editor to the Right Editor and back to the Binder, but it never goes to the Right Editor.

Let me know if you’d like more info.


To add to this bug, if the cursor is inside the right Editor, Ctrl-tab will not move it out.

So it appears that Ctrl-tab into and out of the right Editor is broken.

Hey Jim, I’m not seeing this here. I am able to Ctrl+Tab from the Binder->Left Editor->Right Editor->Binder (to the right editor document I think the Binder document highlight stays where it started)->Binder (left document) and so on. Am I missing something?

Interesting, Jestar. Thanks for the input. What you’re able to do doesn’t work consistently for me with Beta

I just uninstalled and reinstalled, to double-check, and I’m still seeing the issue with a newly created version of the Tutorial, as well as another of my projects that I created last week, which was probably created using

The odd thing is, based on your post, I checked a few other projects I have in the beta, and Ctrl-tab does work for the three of them. The only point of difference I can think of at the moment for these other projects is that they were all created at least a few months ago.

I’ve attached here a truncated version of the beta Tutorial that I just created. (Truncated because the full tutorial was too large an attachment.) This version has the Ctrl-tab issue. Could you (or anyone) please confirm whether Ctrl-tab works for you in this version of the beta Tutorial. :slight_smile:

Tutorial-beta.scriv.zip (1010 KB)

Very interesting indeed! I downloaded and tried out that test project and was able to duplicate the issue. I then started up a new tutorial project and it also exhibits the same issue. My older working projects do not have this issue. FWIW, it doesn’t matter if you split vertically or horizontally. You can’t get to the second editor window via Crtl+Tab or if you place the cursor into the second editor, can you get out of the second editor using Ctrl+Tab. Not sure when this happened, but it is present in RC3.

Thank you for validating it’s not just me! :smiley:

This has been filed. Thanks. seems to have fixed this - thanks! :smiley: