[LH4511] Metadata List Items Getting Lost When Moved

Version: Beta (896583) 64-bit - 15 Apr 2020


  1. Ceate a metadata item (call it “Test” or something)
  2. Set it as a list
  3. Populate the list with some items

The Problem:

When moving items in the list around, they can get “lost” (vanish into the ether) if not dropped exactly right. I suspect they are being dropped in the manner of creating a “sub-list” but in this instance no sub-list is possible, so they get “gone” from view.

A clue to spotting this behavior is in the highlighting. When it is between the items, the dragged-item will drop correctly. When it is over one specific item, the dragged-item will disappear.

A SECONDARY ISSUE (Judgement Call):

I note this for completeness, I personally think it’s a bug. When you are creating a list, you can have duplicate items. I think this runs counter to the point of a list.