[LH4540] RC19 Interface bug on Formatting Options screen

When I navigate to the Formatting Options screen, I see this:
[attachment=1]Formatting defaults Unexpanded.jpg[/attachment]
There are no visible options to set Line and Paragraph spacing.

To the right of the highlighting toggle, there are double arrows to display additional hidden options, but these arrows are grayed and don’t do anything. This is the bug. I should be able to click on the double arrows and see the hidden Line and Paragraph spacing options. (This is how the Toolbar works when I shrink the main Scrivener window such that the Toolbar cannot be fully displayed.)

If I expand the overall window horizontally, then the hidden Line and Paragraph spacing options become visible.
[attachment=0]Formatting defaults Expanded.jpg[/attachment]
Please let me know if any other info would be helpful.


Note that once you have expanded it out, the new window size is remembered and you won’t see the little arrows as shown here. Nor does it seem to allow you to shrink it back to the original size to get the arrows back. A complete uninstall/reinstall process may do so.

Thanks, there are multiple problems going on here, one being that for whatever reason this tool doesn’t show up in the extended tools dropdown, but the main issue is that the original design calls for these extremely wide elements on the left to collapse down to single icons when there isn’t enough space to show everything, meaning it would take a very narrow window to lose access to any buttons.

Hi Jestar,

Thanks for your input.

Yes, that’s the way it works for me too.

I’m not seeing this behavior. I can continually shrink the window to get the arrows back and then expand the window again to see the Line Spacing control.

I uninstall/reinstall with every beta rev–mentioning for the devs, in case it’s a factor.

ETA Thanks Ioa!