[LH4555] Scrivener v3.0 beta 11 - Problems

  1. Paragraph formatting in the final product is now missing… or hidden so well that several days of working on formats has not yielded a setting for it. This means paragraph spacing (a requirement for Kindle publishing) isn’t editable for text.
  2. KindleGen is no longer supported by Amazon, nor is it available for download. So you need to update your link when producing Kindle ebooks during compile.
  3. Kindle Preview doesn’t work with this product. I may as well do my novels in MSFT Word for all of the extra steps I have to take to get Scribener v3 to produce a usable Kindle ebook.
  4. Styles aren’t saved in the project nor accessible from any formatting dialog.

2 and 3. Are you aware that KDP now recommends submitting your book in ePub format? Makes .mobi a bit superfluous.

I believe this should be submitted in the Beta Testing forum for a thorough consideration: https://www.literatureandlatte.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=57.

I’ve moved the thread to the appropriate forum.

On the matter of Mobi, the format does still have some use in that it is the only way of properly previewing your work on Kindle devices and software (not including iOS, which has a different format entirely).

So until Amazon makes it possible to not only publish with ePub, but read with ePub, I think it is important to have this valuable proofing tool available (and I’ll admit, it’s not clear at all how they intend people to do this—it’s almost like they think we can replace real-world software and hardware testing with a tiny little white rectangle in Previewer—personally I would rather proofread my book the way it was meant to be read, not sitting upright at desk and staring down the glare of an unrealistic preview).

What we do need to do though is find a way of tapping into Kindle Previewer’s built-in .mobi generator. This is something we’ve done on the Mac, where we have largely phased out KindleGen support (it’s still there on older machines that don’t have Kindle Previewer installed).

Not sure what you mean by the first part. Could you demonstrate what you mean, by saying styles are not saved in the project (that’s the only way they are saved)?

As for the second part, no there is no massive, complicated tabbed dialogue box like in LibreOffice or Word for style modification, and most likely never will be. As one can alternatively do in word processors, one uses the editor itself, and all of the tools available to it, to get the look of the style right, and then updates the style with the menu or floating palette.

I am aware of Kindle requirements… especially the use of Kindle Preview to produce the KDP format Amazon now uses instead of Mobipocket format. And no, ePub is not how Amazon publishes it’s books. If you submit an ePub the file will automatically be pushed into an online version of Kindle Preview to convert it to KDP format. Unfortunately, that’s a little late to find formatting errors that only pop up on KDP and not in ePub.
However, your point doesn’t diminish the issues I previously stated. Providing false information/connection to Kindle Mobi format in the application should be removed. Requesting KindleGen should be removed.
The app should create the ePub2 zip collection and pass the file into the Kindle Preview app when “publish for Kindle” is selected. This should be all app built-in stuff not something an author has to weasel out for him/herself just because the app is flakey.
BTW: I would have posted this in this forum except I was blocked from doing so… the forum was locked.

Regarding Styles:
If you are in Compile mode and try to create a Style, it will be created but will not appear anywhere else in Compile mode to be linked to a Section Type. Even after you leave Compile mode you can’t link the style to a Section Type because the Style is not to be found.
You have to first create a new Format (or copy an existing one) while in Compile mode, then the style you create in compile mode will appear when editing a text file under the Styles dropdown listbox and can be assigned to paragraphs.
Speaking from 20 years in the app development industry, when you have an app that has multiple ways to define and use a feature, you have to really test the hell out of that feature to find all the bugs that creep in.

Regarding KindleGen:
If a v1.x project is loaded, the request for KindleGen still appears in Settings/Options even though the computer/user has Kindle Preview installed. It appears that your app simply loads the old settings without modification such as your suggesting.

Regarding the matter on styles, I would suggesting consulting the documentation on the Styles compile format pane, §24.4. It sounds like you are conflating project, or “document styles”, with the styles one would set up as part of an export transformation, i.e. the compiler. The intent of the Compile Styles pane should be clear from the introduction on it.

Regarding the rest, yes, as noted before, though perhaps not clearly enough, we know this is something that needs to be updated. You should not be seeing correct behaviour yet, so I wouldn’t spend any further time testing this out as it is all subject to change. Thanks though!