[LH4570] Can't open two Scrivener files simultaneously.

I’ve always been about to have more than one file open, but with the latest release, i can’t do that.

Tested this, but can’t replicate the problem. Anything else strange? How did you update to the lastest version?

The OP didn’t list many details, but perhaps it’s the same as this one, which is also new for RC6: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/lh4570-problem-opening-multiple-files-in-rc6/50163/1]

We’ve found and fixed for the next update the issue with being unable to open a second project via File Explorer or the task bar. Have you tried opening instead from within Scrivener, via File > Open, File > Recent Projects…, or Open Existing Project from the New Project window? These should still be working. If not, please try rebooting and then see if one of those internal methods works.

Yes, no problem opening a second Scrivener file from within Scrivener. That provides a nice workaround since clicking on a shortcut isn’t working right now. Thanks for the tip.

Yeah I had the same problem here, glad to hear there’s already a fix on the way.