[LH4574] Cannot edit targets on folders

In Version: Beta (937253) 64-bit - 26 May 2020, Target icon redraw bug in Scrivenings mode.

Any time a folder is selected in the binder, the target icon is removed from the lower right corner of the editor (which it should not be, because in Scrivener, folders can contain content and have their own length targets. Once the target icon is gone, selecting a text document may or may not restore it. If it doesn’t, changing out of Scrivenings and back into Scrivenings will restore it, but it will vanish again when the next folder is selected in the binder.

This appears to be just a screen redraw issue.

Thanks, this has been filed. It looks like it’s just an issue with empty group documents–in my tests, typing after switching to the single text mode, for instance, makes the icon suddenly appear in the footer. It should display there from the beginning in the single document view (and likewise it should not display in Scrivenings mode, which is currently possible when creating a new folder from a view that previously showed the target icon) but see if just adding some text gets it displaying for you for now.


I was working in a nearly empty test document, so didn’t realize I was in Scrivenings instead of single document mode (even though I was calling both Scrivenings in my report), which is why the target wasn’t appearing for folders where I expected it to.

I was also getting confused by the automatic switch between Scrivenings and single document mode when clicking back and forth between folder and text document items in the binder. I always expect the binder to act like the navigation pane in MS Word, and if I start out in Scrivenings mode, stay in Scrivenings mode when I click a document in the binder, but jump to that document text in Scrivenings. Instead, it jumps to that document and switches to single document view–which throws me every time.

Thanks for the followup.

Two factors here that may help sort this out:

  1. Scrivenings mode requires multiple documents, so it’s impossible for a single text document to be in Scrivenings mode. Single texts always load in the single text view.

  2. Folders (and document groups, if you’ve set the option to treat them like folders) always load in the last-used group view mode, so if you were using Scrivenings, it will return to this if you load a folder after having viewed a single text item in the editor. The editor header will display the container name followed by a colon and the currently focussed document in the session, so if you get in the habit of checking that it may help you quickly get your bearings.

To treat the binder as a navigation pane in the way you’re describing, you can lock the editor while in Scrivenings mode (Navigation > Editor > Lock in Place). Now binder selections that are in the session will cause the editor to scroll to that document, and selections not in the session will be ignored.

There’s also a navigation tool in the editor header, the three-line button to the left of the Previous/Next Document buttons on the righthand side. Clicking this will give you a hierarchical menu of the current Scrivenings session, letting you quickly jump to any item.

Wow! it works also in splited document view, it´s fantastic!
Great tip! :smiley: Thanks!