[LH4590] Copy/Paste within Binder Folders and Text files

Version: Beta (937253) 64-bit - 26 May 2020

When naming text files I occassionally want to include the name of the document at the top of the text file I am using.

When I highlight the name in the binder it immediately de-highlights once I select copy using Mouse-Right-Click, Select Copy. Once I highlight the binder title the second time it will allow me to move forward with paste.


Thanks, this issue of the title selection clearing on right-click has been filed. (Also for the index card titles.)

If I understand correctly what you’re trying to do, an easier method might be to simply drag and drop the document icon from the editor header into the top of the document in the editor (or from the binder to the editor). This drops a link to the document using the document name; you can then right-click that and choose “Unlink” to make it regular text.

I add title in the editor, select the text, and hit F2. Using keyboard shortcuts is the fastest way.

You can also add the title in the editor, select text, right click, and select “Set Selected Text as Title”.