[LH4597] Cannot Link to Document since update

Since the latest update I have not been able to Link to Document on my windows software.
The option is simply greyed out on both right click menu and edit/insert menus.

The same dropbox sync’ed document works fine on OSX (IPad) where I am able to link to other files or pages without issue.

Not sure what to do, feels like ive tried everything.
Great feature, really missing it.

Really hoping someone can answer this. For my purposes, the internal linking feature is a main reason i am about to buy licenses across all my devices.

More info - I am using the Scrivener RC 7 (guess its technically a Beta?)

If I am in the wrong forum, please let me know, but this feature was working fine two weeks ago.

Hi moesby,

Yes, you’re in the wrong forum, which is likely why the devs haven’t seen it. You should PM a mod to move this post to the Beta Forum. https://www.literatureandlatte.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=57

It does seem that RC7 has somewhat broken internal document links, at least from the right-click menu or the toolbar menu. However, as a workaround until they fix it, I am still able to create internal document links by dragging and dropping the doc from the binder into the doc where you want a add the link. See the interactive Tutorial project Going Further > Writing and Editing > Document Links.

It’s a beta, so things will break. Then they will be fixed. Then maybe they’ll break again. :smiley:


Hey Jim,

Thanks for the heads up! Didn’t realize there was a specific forum for the Beta.

The workaround is great, and I cannot believe i didnt think of that. Solves my problem for now (or until it breaks again :wink: )

Thanks for the reply.

Topic moved.

Note that the download location for the beta is also in the beta forum.


Perhaps too late to be of utility, you can open the link dialog window in RC7 by:

  1. Selecting the test you want to link
  2. Hit Ctrl+G, then Ctrl +D.

Thanks for the tip! I never bothered to try the keyboard shortcut.