[LH4602] RE: HiDPI version

Attempted install of HiDPI version. Did not result in a working iteration of–Produced following attached error codes:
Second error code.JPG
First code.JPG

After second error code, Scrivener 3 beta bottomed out and failed to run.

Failed to note: After attempting to install HiDPI version, went back to standard and installed it with no observable issues.

That seems odd because I just installed the HiDPI version into a different folder than the standard one so I could have the “normal” Scrivener and the HiDPI Scrivener available on the same machine, and the mfc140 DLLs were there, along with the vcruntime files.

If you install the HiDPI to its own folder instead of C:\Program Files\Scrivener, are the files there?

Unless they changed it, both copies use the same registry when installed as the HiDPi just has a change for the display which will give an error msg when you open the other version.

It does give a warning when opening the normal version, but that has nothing to do with OP’s problem of missing DLLs.

I got the same error after installed the 64bit HiDPI version. I’m downloading the regular beta now to revert.

This has been filed. Thanks.