[LH4616] Keyword Search does not work anymore

Hi guys,

I am working on a project with keywords (currently about 30, but I expect to use many more) and I create the keywords starting with a # to have an additional differentiation to normal text, and without any spaces.

Before I started, I tried, if the keywordsearch would accept the hashtagged keywords and it worked perfectly. But now the keyword search does not work at all. I tried removing the # from the hashtags, but still no results. I tried all kinds of search parameters and reset to default settings - no results. The normal search works and if I create a new keyword the search finds it. But the older keywords are not found, not via keywordsearch, not via normal search, not with or without the hashtag and even not via the “project keywords” -> highlight one of the keywords -> search path. I even tried setting the language back to German again, since the language change affected other areas of the beta, but nothing.

Why are my keywords not found? Please help. The keywords are the one reason for me to do this project in scrivener. I really need this to work.

Edit: my friend tried it and it seems to be a problem with the sessions: the search only finds keywords that you created in the same session. Once you close scrivener and open it again, the search will not find the keywords from previous sessions anymore

Thank you!

Make sure that you use Edit > Find > Project Search and type your search at the top Binder search area.
You can also try File > Save and Rebuild Search Indexes.
Using the # symbol is not needed if your keywords does not have it.


thank you!

This works but I have to do it in every new session again so the keyword search is definitely bugged and needs to be fixed, right? But thanks for that workaround which enables me to work with it right now!

I can´t edit the startpost anymore so: Should I report this as a bug separately or will this get on the list from this post?

Information for Bug report:

After restarting scrivener, keywords created in previous sessions cannot be searched anymore. Not in the normal search, not in the keywordsearch and not with the keywordsearch dialog started via rightclick from the keyword inspector section.


But: has to be done in every new session

Scrivener Beta Version
Windwos 10
Saved on my computer (no synch)
Language change (German ↔ English both ways) had no effect

Bug reproduced by myself and friends who use the same version of windows and scrivener beta

Thanks for spotting this. The bug was very easy to reproduce and has been written up.

By the way, I should add that you don’t have to use any marker syntax to keep keywords distinct, unless you really want to. The Project Search feature is capable of only searching within specific data sets if that is what you want, so if you are only searching for keywords, then all words become significant without markers, and all matches are 100% accurate.

The easiest way to do that is to select the keyword(s) you want to locate and then click the search button in the lower right corner of the Project Keywords panel, but you can also change the setting yourself by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the search entry field itself.

Hi Amber,

thank you for explaining! Using # is just an additional safety net for me, that felt good when I started and didn´t know my way around the new beta and the search options. And then I thought, that the # in my keywords might be the reason for the search problem, otherwise I wouldn´t have mentioned it. :slight_smile: