[LH4631] BUG: RC 8 (also 6 & 7) - unable to change the printer for File/Print Current Document

I use 3 printers, a laser, pdf, and a colour inkjet. My normal printer is the laser. I am unable to print the current document to pdf or the inkjet.

The expected process should be as follows:

1 Select File / Print Current Document
2 The laser printer is highlighted as the last used printer
3 Select the new printer eg Adobe PDF
4 Click Print

What should happen is that the document should print to the PDF, what happens is the document is printed to the laser.

I had previously flagged this as a bug but as I did not get a response and as the bug is still there I have flagged it again, hopefully with more success. A workaround was also identified for those who need it - see https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/printing-bug-in-rc7-and-rc6/50390/1

This does indeed seem to still be a problem. The only printer you can print to is the “default” printer if it is set manually in your Windows printer settings to be the default. If you select the option in Windows Settings → Printers to let Windows manage your printer, you can print to other printers using the dialog box Scrivener pops up - just select the printer you want to use and click Apply, then Print. Oops, that no longer works. I was able to do it once, then not again.Annotation 2020-07-12 122218.png

This has now been fixed and will be available in RC09.