[LH4638] 'Open as Quick Ref' doesn't do anything

Issue: The right-click menu option ‘Open as Quick Reference’ from the bookmarks list doesn’t do anything when selected from a Quick Ref window.

Example: Launch a Quick Ref window, enable the bookmarks list, Right click on the bookmarks list and select ‘Open as Quick Reference’ as shown in the screen shot below. Nothing happens.

Sorry, forgot to mention I’m on RC8.

You try to “Open as Quick Reference” the document loaded at the moment within the current Quick Reference window. Each project document can be loaded in only ONE Quick Reference window. This is not a bug.

Thank you for the explanation, Tiho.

But it does beg the question: If right-clicking a document in the bookmark list opens that document in the Quick Ref window, then why bother displaying the option Open as Quick Reference in the right-click menu on the bookmarks list?

Asking because the user will never be able to actually execute that option from the bookmarks list, because the
document will always already be open as a Quick Ref.

Another way to ask the question: Under what circumstances would a user be able to execute Open as Quick Reference from the bookmark list right-click menu?


The Bookmarks list can have any document. In your example you happen to have the same document loaded as a Quick Ref and available as a Bookmark. Add any other document to the Bookmark list and you will get the expected behavior.

Yes. for example I could have 4 documents in the book marks list as below.

But if I right-click on any of those bookmarks, the corresponding document is loaded in the Quick Ref panel… So having the Open as Quick Reference in the right-click menu is redundant, because the document will always already be open.

For example, in the Quick Ref window, document ‘Start Here’ is loaded.

When I right click on bookmark Label & Status, document ‘Label & Status’ is automatically loaded. So having the right-click option Open as Quick Reference in redundant, because the ‘Label & Status’ document is already openIn summary: whichever bookmark I right-click on, Scrivener will load it into the Quick Ref panel, so offering an option to further load it into the Quick Ref panel is redundant, doesn’t do anything, and is therefore confusing. :slight_smile:


I see, the bug here is that the Bookmark selection is loaded on right-click. Thanks, JimRac!
I will add this to our bug tracking system and hopefully get it fixed for the next update.

Thanks for reporting this, it has now been fixed and will be available in next release.

This appears to be fixed in RC9. :smiley: