[LH4647] Learn spelling shortcut not working in Quick Reference windows?

I’m working on a fantasy novel, and—of course—this means a lot of strange words and names. So, I’m using the learn spelling shortcut (CTRL-G, CTRL-L) a lot! And it works fine in the editor, but in a quick reference window, it never does.

Anyone else able to verify this? It’s a bug right?

I guess I might be the only one seeing this (since no one else wants to fess up :confused: ) but I thought I’d poke the bear a bit and see if anyone else wants to speak up.

Learning spelling does work, I might add, in a QR window from a right click of the mouse on the selected text. But I really hate having to take my hands off the keyboard to fix things since—as indicated while the right mouse context menu is up—the Learn Spelling choice shows the appropriate shortcut key sequence (CTRL-G, CTRL-L)!

It knows the shortcut sequence, it just ignores it in QR windows. But it works fine in the normal editor window.

I had not tried this until now but can confirm that the keyboard shortcut to “learn spelling” does indeed not work in QR windows. However, you can bring up the spell check window using the Ctrl=G, Ctrl+Q combo. That said, you can use the TAB key (and arrow keys) to switch between various parts of the spell check dialog window, but the Enter key does nothing - you have to use the mouse to actually make a selection.

Related: if you mistakenly add a word to the personal dictionary, you can bring up that personal word list within Scrivener:

You can’t actually edit that list from within Scrivener. You will have to exit Scrivener completely (safety first) and go to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\LiteratureAndLatte\Scrivener and edit wordlists.ini with a plain text editor. It is a simple comma+space list of words without any specific order I can tell.

This has been fixed and will be available in the next update. Thanks!

No. Thank you!

I’m glad it was something easy to pinpoint. Thanks for the quick response.

Looking forward (every day!) to the latest RC.