[LH4653] [RC8]"find and replace"-“replace all” is not work


the "replace all "unable to work normally

So I can’t replace some words in batch

I can confirm this issue. Replace All does not work. Additionally, there is a problem with the Replace All Scope. The “Entire Document” scope does nothing when doing a “Replace All”; however, both “Replace” and “Replace & Find” do work with the “Entire Document” scope - you just have to step through each instance (as expected). If you are only looking to narrow the scope to a “Selected Text” area (as you would expect the scope to contain) however, clicking “Replace” or “Replace & Find” to step through will actually replace ALL of the selected text with your replacement. I would expect that it would step through the selected text for the “Find” criteria - it seems to ignore the find criteria when the scope is “Selected Text”. Again, the “Replace All” button does not work with either “Replace All Scope” parameters.

This has been fixed and will be available in the next update.