[LH4660] Scrivener 3 64-bit compiling AS IS outputs uniform font size to ebook

Scrivener is compiling all text in an as is file as the same font size, like something’s being overridden in the compiler even though the document is marked to compile as is. I’ve included two screenshots (the compiled file is in an ebook format viewed in Calibre viewer). Am I missing a compile option or is this a bug? I should mention this file was imported (and has compiled effortlessly and flawlessly for years) from Scriv 3 on Mac. Thank you.

It’s nearly impossible to force a specific font or font size in an ebook, as ereader software allows users to change both.


I was merely referring to the font size being uniform across the document in the Scriv 3 for windows version of the compile. It’s never done this (with the same exact settings) in the Scriv 3 for mac version. In fact, I’ve included the same version, same settings, same everything from the compile in Mac Scriv 3 below. This is how it should be coming out. I’m just wondering if I’m missing a setting or if this is a bug that hasn’t been worked out of Scrivener 3 for windows yet.

This is a known bug—or maybe it’s better to say, an area under construction. When using the Text and notes use editor formatting setting, in your Section Layout, or the bulit-in “As-Is” selection, then most editor formatting should carry through, if it is feasible to do so in an ebook.

Font size is one of the things that is not working properly at the moment with old fashioned ad hoc formatting.

The answer at the moment is to ultimately make the source text a bit better anyway, and apply styles to meaningfully formatted text, like headings. And this approach is superior in that it also carries over into cases where you might like to use Scrivener’s formatting clean-up features, but have stayed away because you have these headings that needed as-is to work, in the past.