[LH4675] Select paragraph in a table can select an entire table

If you have a table and you choose Edit->Select->Select Paragraph, it sometimes selects the entire table, even though there is clearly a paragraph break in the cell. (But, as you can also see, clicking other places selects an entire row, or just a paragraph.

Because of the paragraph break in that top cell, I’d expect it to select only that one cell. Who’s with me?

If you treble click on the text in that first cell it should select just that paragraph. It’s only the menu command that seems to select the entire table.

But, not to be difficult, I’m a keyboard person. Do I really have to click with a mouse when there’s a perfectly good (or what should be perfectly good) keyboard command?

No. I didn’t think so.

It’s a bug that needs to be fixed.

I wasn’t saying it wasn’t a bug. Just trying to get to the bottom of the mechanics of it.