[LH4676] Spellcheck bug when navigating away from Scrivener

Tested on three separate windows 10 machines running completely different hardware, each running Release Candidate 8. When using the spellcheck feature (Ctrl + G, Ctrl + Q) and trying to navigate away from Scrivener, i.e. opening an internet browser or other program, the spellcheck window remains on top of anything else and blanks itself out. It can be closed, but not navigated underneath.

RC9 is out now, but this still seems to be happen. It also happens on the release version . Thanks for the feedback.

I can confirm it stays on top but it doesn’t blank out for me. It just sits on top. I actually don’t have a problem with that if the spell check is complete as it reminds me to close it and I wonder if it is deliberate in that respect.