[LH4682 ] RC9: Issue with "Number of opening words to make uppercase" compile option.

I found this option doesn’t work well with contractions or hyphenated words.

Firstly, Scrivener seems to count hyphenated words/phrases as being two (or more) words - if the last word is hyphenated, the second part of the hyphenated word is displayed lowercase:

“It was six-thirty”
Displays as: “IT WAS SIX-thirty”

Secondly, if the last word is a contraction, the letters are displayed lowercase. I’ve seen slightly different behaviour with ebook output, but still wrong.

Thanks for spotting this. I can replicate the behaviour. The issue with the hyphen is sort of understandable, depending on the definition of what constitutes a word, but is obviously not desirable in this case. The apostrophe is more clearly a problem. I’ll get it checked out.

Thanks, this has been filed!

This has been fixed and will be available in the next update.