[LH4683] Writing History claims that words in Draft Folder are words in Other (RC

Could be user error rather than a bug.

Today I’ve written 86 words in the Draft Folder, which long ago I renamed Short Story. Writing History, however, says I’ve written 0 words in the Draft Folder and 86 words in Other. Same goes for every other day going back to July 9–0 in Draft Folder, lots in Other. Previous to that, the Writing History in the Draft Folder seems to be pretty accurate.

Can’t figure out if I may have changed a setting after July 9 or if something’s gone buggy, and though I’ve searched the forums (which I am terrible at doing, btw, so apologies if I’ve missed something!) I couldn’t find a solution.

I found this thread: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/writing-history-session-target-miscount-rc8/50730/1] and this thread: [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/writing-history-has-started-going-crazy/49779/1]/url], which may be peripherally related.

I’m using RC

It could be that the documents are not marked as ‘Include in Compile’, so they’re not being counted as in the Draft. To check, select one of the affected Draft documents and go to the metadata pane of the inspector (its icon looks like a luggage tag) and check that the ‘Include in Compile’ box is checked.

Also make sure that you didn’t accidentally rename the wrong folder. Scrivener has a special Draft folder (which you can rename, and templates often do) that is where all your draft material for Compilation needs to reside regardless of what it or other folders are named. (I realize the OP probably already knows this, but other folks reading along from the future may not.)

Created a new document in the folder today, made sure Include in Compile was checked, double checked that Short Story is indeed the Draft Folder.

Typed 7 words and they all showed up under “Other” in Writing History.

I’m probably missing something, but I’ll be buggered if I can figure out what.

It does look like there’s a bug here, causing the Writing History “Draft” to be limited instead to the current compile group if Project Targets options are set to “Count compile group only”. Those shouldn’t be linked; Draft in the writing history should always just mean within the Draft folder and marked for inclusion in compile at the time the text is added, regardless of the current compile settings.

OOOHHH. That was helpful.

I had a look at my Project Target options. “Count current compile group only” and “Only count documents set to be included in Compile” were both checked in the Draft Target tab.

I unchecked “Count current compile group only,” typed the words “Testing testing 1 2 3 4” and suddenly Writing History shows that I’ve typed 4990 words today in the Draft folder. (This does line up with the total number of words in documents I have marked Include in Compile.)

So then I tried unchecking both “Count current compile group only” and “Only count documents set to be included in Compile.” I typed “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog,” and now my Writing History shows 7566 words in the Draft folder today and -7545 words in Other, for a Total of 21 words today. (And there are indeed a total of 7566 words in the Draft folder, including ones not marked for compile.)

Meanwhile, my Session Target is always set to 250 words per day, resetting on the next day opened. Today it says I’ve typed 16 words.