[LH4687] Disappearing Scratchpad content

I’m finding that some of my scratchpad content is disappearing. I think (but am not sure) that this has started happening since the last release candidate. I still have some scratchpad notes from a few months ago, but anything I create now has disappeared when I reopen my project :frowning:

Are you adding to the Scratchpad from outside of Scrivener, or only accessing from inside Scrivener?

Only from within Scrivener.

Thanks for reminding me. This is the bug I have been meaning to report, as I have seen it as well.

From tinkering with it it seems if I navigate to another scratchpad note right after adding/editing a note, then my changes are saved.

But, if I do not do that, I can lose my notes.

I’d suggest trying that until this can be fixed (I have no idea though how Scrivener knows when to save the scratchpad but, IMO, I think it should be done at least as often as whenever any other automatic saves are done.)

Ahh, thanks so much, Micah - that’s a very helpful workaround.

You’re very welcome. I’d be interested in hearing if this fixes it for you.

Thanks, I’ve filed this as an issue. Specifically, I can reproduce the problem if text is added to a note and then Scrivener quit without switching notes or closing the Scratchpad first. If you find other circumstances that will trigger the note text not being saved, please let us know the steps!

So, switching to another note forces a Scratchpad save?

Just a thought: you folks might consider adding a Save button as well. If nothing else, as a reminder that manual intervention may be required — and is explicitly available.